Antique Pocket Compasses For Sale

My goal is to offer high quality, antique pocket compasses in excellent, working condition.
All of the compasses that I offer are functional,
real, authentic, antique examples.
If you are looking for a specific compass that you do not see on this page send me an

Compasses are shipped via USPS Priority Mail for $7.00. I accept Paypal, money orders and checks.
(I also ship to Canada, Australia and to the United Kingdom for $13.00 USD.)

Email me if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase a compass.

In addition I offer a $10 discount on signed copies of my book Compass Chronicles.






Early 1900s, smaller English compass by J H Steward, London


Very nice, smaller, round brass cased compass. The paper dial is signed "J H Stewart, London E C.

The diameter of this compass is smaller than average at 38mm.


The compass has a needle lock which is uncommon for this round, brass style. The flat blued compass

needle has a gilt letter N and S for the appropriate ends. The compass has a quality, brass pivot.
The brass cover fits well. The case is in excellent condition without any dents or dings.


Price: $110.00








WWII era US Wittnauer compass with box and pouch

The majority of Longines-Wittnauer compasses were manufactured for the US Air Force.

(A few of the boxes bear the Air Corps stamp and some of the boxes only have the

Longines-Wittnauer information stamped on it)


This nickel Wittnauer  compass is stamped with the letters U.S. on top.
The bottom of the case is stamped: Mfr's Part No 1626-2.


The case is in excellent condition. Perfect hinge and release mechanism.

The needle lock works well. The needle shows a few surface spots on it.


Dial is signed: Wittnauer. Compass points strong to North.

The paper box and cloth pouch are in great condition.


 Price:  $150.00









WWII era, brass, US military compass by S&W w/box

Manufactured by S&W (Schwab & Wuischpard of New York) during WWII.


The brass case has U.S. stamped on top. The case is in excellent condition and it has a very nice patina.

The dial is signed: S&W NY.  When you press the button to open the cover, you need to help
open it with your finger as it does not pop open. The needle lock is present, but it does not lock
the needle when the case is closed. The compass points strong to North.


The unmarked, original card board box is in excellent condition.
This compass appears in my book, Compass Chronicles, representing this style.


Price:  $90.00








Circa 1920s, very rare Queen Gary Co, Phila USA compass

This is a very rare compass that was manufactured by the Keuffel & Esser Co to be
sold by the Queen Gary Co in Philadelphia. These compasses were produced in
very limited numbers. The compass is in great overall condition. The case has no dents
or dings, but it shows some wear. The release mechanism and needle lock work well.
The hinge leans back a bit further than the ideal 90 degrees.

I would recommend this compass to a collector. (You can buy a more common
compass of the same quality in slightly better condition for a bit less.) If you
have a growing collection or if you are looking for a particularly rare model
this is a great find.

Price:  $90.00





Circa 1830s threaded wood cased pocket compass sundial

This is a very rare and early wood cased pocket sundial. Most wood cased pocket sundials
manufactured after the 1860s have a brass pivot and a simple press fit wood cover.

This early example has a very nice threaded wood case. (The top of the case screws onto the base)
The sundial also has a green jeweled pivot which is very rare. The inside of the cover has
a 12 month calendar breakdown for reading the sundial. The diameter is 60 mm.

The elegant paper dial is in ok condition. The dial shows some browning and the edge is not
perfect. The original domed glass crystal is missing. The wood cover seems to have had a
quality repair as there is a crack across it, but it very solid. The compass dial rotates on the pivot
nice and smoothly and finds North easily. The wood thread is very precise and it is fantastic.

Price:  $180.00