Antique Pocket Compasses For Sale


My goal is to offer high quality, antique pocket compasses in excellent, working condition.
All of the compasses that I offer are functional,
real, original, antique examples.

I accept Paypal and domestic money orders. Worldwide shipping is $13.00 USD.
(To the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.)

Email me if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase a compass.
In addition I offer a $10 discount on copies of my book Compass Chronicles.




 1941, WWII Wittnauer Air Corps compass with box and pouch

The majority of Longines-Wittnauer compasses were manufactured for the US Air Force.
A few of the original boxes bear have an Air Corps stamp such as this example.
This Wittnauer compass is not stamped U.S. on the cover. Dial is stamped: Wittnauer. 

The flat blue arrow shaped needle. The original box is stamped: "Compass Assembly Pocket
Type, Air Corps Order No42-6744P, Mfr's Assy Dwg 1941, Longines-Wittnauer Watch Co Inc."

The compass is in excellent condition. The case does not have any dents.
Excellent hinge and release mechanism.  The box and pouch are in excellent condition.
Compass points strong to North.

Price:  $160.00





Circa 1920’s French, open faced brass compass

Cardinal points are marked in French. (O for West – N – E – S – O) Diameter is 40mm.
Silvered metallic dial. Half blue half steel needle. Jeweled pivot and needle lock.
Brass lacquered case is free of dents or dings.
Compass points strong to North.
This compass is an excellent example of these early French compasses.

Price:  $70.00






Circa 1910's, 1920’s Singer's Patent dial compass

Beautiful paper Singer's Patent style dial. (Unsigned.) Nickel, hunter cased compass.
The nickel case is in excellent condition without any dents or dings. The needle lock is
 there, but it does not engage.
Nice, rare pocket compass. Compass points strong to North.

Price:  $160.00






English late 1800s, early 1900’s pearl dial Singer’s Patent compass

Excellent, sturdy, solid brass, snap cover case.
43 mm diameter.
Beautiful mother of pearl Singer's Patent dial. (Unsigned.)
The glass is marked with red cardinal points which was commonly done for this compass style.

This snap cover case was popular in England at the end of the 19th, early 20th Century.
What is unusual about this example that it has a mother of pearl Singer’s Patent dial.
The majority of snap cover compasses housed a standard needle design. It opens and closes
perfectly. (Also unusual as this snap cover design tends to not open so easily, compared
to spring loaded pocket watch style compasses that open with the press of a button.)
The compass is in overall excellent condition and works well.

Price:  $175.00




Dollond London WWI era British prismatic military compass with pouch

This is a fantastic example of a WWI era British prismatic military compass.
It has a quality leather pouch which is stamped L. V. Johnsen. The rubber ring on
the bottom of the compass is perfect. (Sometimes they are partially or entirely missing.
Their original purpose was to provide a better contact when laid on a map, so the compass
would not move around on the paper.) The compass is stamped Dollond London.
The black paint has hand scratched letters: O C J, 7 R W K. (These set of letters repeat four times.
In one of them K is written Kent.) The compass is in excellent
overall condition and works well.

Price:  $160.00






Unusual brass cased Singer’s Patent style compass

The diameter is larger than average at 58 mm. The compass has a graduated Singer’s Patent
paper dial. The glass has one red line on it. The brass case beautifully retains the original
black paint. The case opens and closes nicely. The needle lock is incorporated into the upper
edge of the case. Below the hinge area on the outside bottom there is an edge, this may have
been to allow the compass to be attached to another object. The compass is in overall excellent
condition and works well.

Price:  $150.00







WWI era British Negretti & Zambra wirelug wrist compass

Rare RGS pattern, (Royal Geographical Society) drycard dial, Negretti & Zambra,
WWI era wirelug wrist compass. The case is brass which was originally painted black.
(The black paint has partially worn off over the years.)

What is interesting is that usually the open faced, English wrist compasses are smaller
in diameter and are housed in a silver case. The Swiss wirelug wrist compasses from
the same era are larger diameter (Similar to this example) housed in nickel cases.

The diameter is 38 mm. The glass has two red lines painted on the inside.
The back of the case is stamped by Negretti & Zambra.


 Price:  $90.00








Circa 1830s, 1840s English, gilt, enamel dial compass

Very high quality English, gilt cased, enamel dial 1830s, 1840s compass.
The needle locking button as usual is located behind the stem and it works well.
The original glass crystal has a few minor scratches on it. The enamel dial does
not have any cracks, but it has a spot of "dirt" right under the West "W" area.
The "loop" is a bit bent, and I did not want to try to straighten it out. (This does not
effect the compass at all, it is only cosmetic which a watchmaker could remedy)
The diameter is smaller than average at 31mm. The back of the case shows some wear, but
it has no dents or dings. The compass is in great condition.
Compass points strong to North.


 Price:  $190.00








Early 1900s, smaller English compass by Dollond, London


Very nice, smaller, round brass cased compass. The paper dial is signed "Dollond, London"

The diameter of this compass is smaller than average at 38mm. The compass has a needle
lock which is uncommon for this round, brass style. High quality bar needle and jeweled pivot.
The brass cover fits well. The case is in excellent condition without any dents or dings.


This example that I am offering appears in my book, Compass Chronicles, representing this style.


Price: $150.00






Circa 1918, 1920s, first official American Boy Scout compass

Taylor produced the first Official Boy Scout compass in the United States in 1918. This model is
very rare as it was produced in limited numbers. The nickel hunter case was originally painted
brown on the outside. On this example the majority of the brown paint is no longer present.

The center of the dial displays the Boy Scout logo along with the words: “Be Prepared”. Around
the logo it reads: “Boy Scouts of America Headquarters New York City”. Near the edge of the
dial, beneath the South cardinal point it reads: “Pat. Jan 8, 1918 Taylor Rochester N.Y. USA”.

Diameter is 45 mms. The inside cover is stamped "Swiss". Good hinge and release mechanism.
The case is in excellent condition without any dents or dings.
These early, high quality Boy Scout compasses are very hard to find.

Price:  $190.00