Name: Kornelia Takacs
Nick name: Kornelia
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Game of choice: Quake 4


Kornelia entered the gaming scene when the Quake demo test was released by id Software. She began competing professionally soon thereafter. For years she was the #1 ranked female Quake player and one of the top overall players regardless of sex. Now having cut back on her gaming hours due to her full time job at a film production company, she is still enjoying being part of the industry through exhibition matches nationwide.

During her Quake career, Kornelia has won several championships. Today Kornelia focuses  on Quake 4. She entertains her fans by destroying her opponents, both female and male, in 1 on 1 matches  at various gaming events.

Exhibition matches:

'98 GDC: GameSpy
'99 E3: Activison.
99 Comdex: Acer labs
'00 GDC: GameSpy
'00 E3: GameSpy
'00 ECTS London: GameSpy/Gameloft
'01 GDC: GameSpy
'04 QuakeCon 2004: Activision, Alienware
'05 GDC: S3
'05 E3: S3 Graphics, iGames, LTB, Yahoo Games
'05 G.A.M.E.: Gamespot
'05 Seismic Showdown: Gamespot
'06 CES: BenQ
'06 GDC: S3 Graphics
'06 Quake Con: Enermax